North America’s supplier of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) parts as well as other tools for oil and gas directional drilling. MWD products, such as the drill pipe screens, mule shoes, centralizers, inner and outer rings, and fishing necks are precision made with high quality and with high strength stainless steel. Parts are designed and built to hold up under even the most difficult on-site drilling conditions.

ASI Oil Tools offers variety of products and services to fulfill the needs of the oil and gas industry. Prototype and production machining services are available at a very competitive pricing with less lead time so you can meet your prototype or design stage goals. We can produce high quality, complex parts from prototypes or drawings from any material in a timely manner.

Services such as straightening, grinding, heat treating, coating, plating, material purchasing, and process certification can be provided at the customers request. Whether you need a one of a kind component or parts in production quantities, ASI Oil Tools can help meet your manufacturing and production goals.

ASI customers include Fortune 500 companies.